Three entities, 3 views and different experiences around participation with children and adolescents

The confinement caused by the pandemic and subsequent health measures has led to the closure of formal and informal meeting spaces for children, adolescents and young people for more than a year. Schools, public space, extracurricular activities, camps, bubble groups, etc., have been severely affected by the restrictions, conceived and implemented from the perspective of adults.

After this very special school year, from Voltes, Esberla and Xarxa Consultors, we want to share the experiences we have lived with children and adolescents and how we have been able to continue to guarantee spaces for participation and reflection to continue accompanying and listening to them. his voice. The situation of the pandemic has confronted us with a new reality and despite the challenge we have continued to foster spaces to transform educational environments.

We leave you with some of the reflections and looks on how our relationship and work with children and adolescents has been during this course.