We take part at 1rst Annual Workshops and Traditional Architecture

6 - 7/ 06 / 2019, Ecomuseu dels Ports i Mas de Burot a Horta de sant Joan

The weekend of July 6 and 7 takes place in Horta de Sant Joan (Terra Alta), the 1st Annual Conference of trades and traditional architecture in the Ports. A series of conferences, workshops and activities related to traditional architecture and intangible heritage, an interest derived from the Mas de Burot project, recently recognized in the Toni Cobos 2018 Traditional Architecture Awards. Free and open access, the talks will be held The morning and afternoon of Saturday 6 at the Ecomuseo de los Puertos. Different specialists of reference in this field, linked to organizations and institutions, will offer their knowledge and experiences in a multidisciplinary context with an architectural and anthropological approach. On Sunday 7 there will be several practical workshops on architecture and family activities around the Burot farmhouse.

Sunday 7th of July

11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Workshop of reeds in charge of Voltes Cooperativa / Investigación canyera, specialized in various areas of architecture and urban planning: bioconstruction and sustainability, rehabilitation and citizen participation. Workshop adapted to a multipurpose audience. Different construction techniques will be developed with the cane (Arundo donax) and explain the applications that this vegetable fiber can have in the world of both traditional and contemporary architecture. It will be taught to build self-supporting structures with simple arches and nerves, as well as different types of braid for coatings and reeds. Free. Plaza de Catalunya. Horta de Sant Joan.

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