La Volta bioconstruction workshop

Girona, 27 de setembre 2020

The Voltaic Day dedicated to sustainability and bioconstruction, has 1 training program that, due to the safety measures of the covid-19, requires prior registration. Select which of the following activities are of interest to you and write to us at with the title, as well as your name, surname and telephone number:


10:30 pm to 13:30 pmSecond edition of the workshop on building an insect hostel with Nourdine Khalili (Artesanour).

10 pm to 12 pm Work with wood, lace and a few Tricks with Esfèric.

12 pm to 14 pm  Vegetable frameworks with Voltes Cooperativa and Escola Orígens.

16 pm to 18 pm Experimentation with raw earth with Terram and Pura Terra.

17:30 pm to 19 pm  Natural and artificial radiation workshop with Juan Antonio Rivera Vila (Cemprotecta).

Also, throughout the day, the Germen studio will do 1 construction exhibition with Tàpia. No prior registration is required for THIS activity.

cción con Tapia. Para ESTA actividad no es necesaria inscripción previa.

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