Biology and Health Architecture Conference 2019

11 de Maig de 2019

The nostre company Iñigo Mujika will participate at the talks of the day of ecological architecture and health in 2019 that organizes the Ecohabitar Institute at the Fira Biocultura 2019.

In the Seminar on Ecological Architecture and Health, a review is presented on the different aspects related to bioconstruction, healthy habitat. The participants of these conferences are specialists and professionals of recognized prestige and committed to an architecture and a respectful construction with the planet.

10.30 h.
Presentation of the day: Toni Marín, Toni Solanas.

  • 11 h. Biointerior and biophilic design
    Mar Lamarca. Interior designer From Lucius & Cornelia.
  • 12 h. Constructions with earth in Egypt, from the Coptic tombs to Hassan Fathy
    Toni Solanas. Architect. From Xarxa La Pera
  • 13 h. Architecture and healthy spaces
    Sonia Hdez-Montaño. Architect Of Healthy Architecture.
  • 14 h. What is the proces de fer a project of ecological house?
    Diego Carrillo. Arquitecte de Celobert
  • 15 h. Bioarchitecture, stories, consciousness. Materialize projects should serve to create awareness for a better world
    Miquel Escobar Technical architect. Of Conscious Architecture.
  • 16 h. Tips for living in a healthier home
    Sonia Hdez-Montaño. Architect Master in Bioconstruction by the I.E.B.
  • 17 h. Strategies to transform your institute and improve the quality of life of its users
    Teresa Monleón. Architect Master in Bioconstruction by the I.E.B.
  • 18 h. Rehabilitation of housing between party walls in the old town of Sant Pere de Ribes
    Ester Casanovas. Architect Master in Bioconstruction by the I.E.B.
  • 19h. The implantation of natural fibers in architecture
    Iñigo Mujika Architect. Master in Bioconstruction by the I.E.B.
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