International Fair of the Salt Basket

Girona, 06 d'octubre de 2018

The International Fair of the Salt Basket is one of the reference events of the craftsmen from all over Europe, a space for the meeting, the exchange of knowledge and the enjoyment of the trade. This fair, has become a space for the recovery, knowledge, training and dissemination of the cestero art. Every first weekend in October, Salt artesanos come from different places of the Catalan Countries, from the rest of the State and, in recent years, from other European countries such as Germany, France, Ireland or the United Kingdom and, even, South America.

The celebration of the International Fair of the Salt Basket is an event that goes beyond artisan and cultural values. Behind the Fair is a community dimension that undoubtedly has become one of the elements that best explain its roots in our municipality and its celebration year after year.


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