Transformation of Drassanes School’s porch

  • start  Octover 2018
  • promoter  Drassanes School
  • place  Barcelona

self-construction workshop, payground transformation

The project of transformation and improvement of the exterior spaces of the Drassanes School continues walking this course. In collaboration with Colectivu Punt6, Coeducacció and the educational community of the school we have proposed to improve the acoustic conditioning of the porches. For this to be possible, the physical actions in the space and the new dynamics of activities with children must go hand in hand, favoring a quieter area.

With this objective, during the construction day, a furniture was made to store books, paintings or board games to be used with the new layout of the school furniture, following the same intention, the expansive movement is limited by the placement of a theater face to one of the entrances.

In order to promote a representative game space that was not structured, Voltes has designed a "Tangram" piece of furniture that can adopt several figures, among them the rectangular or square shape that would fit as a stage in the porch space adapting -to the number of people. All these actions do not end here, although we are making some sound-absorbing frames to coat the walls and attenuate the reverberation, while filling the space with color.

In these days the links between the educational community are strengthened and the empowerment of the people is worked on before the construction of the spaces and the use of mechanical cutting tools and basic DIY.